Gilda Scarfe

CEO - Positive Ed

Positive psychology expert, education consultant, and international keynote speaker Dr Gilda Scarfe is working to build wellbeing, mental toughness and resilience in education and organisations around the world. Gilda has a Master’s in Education and Doctorate in the conceptualization and application of mental toughness in education. Her research interests focus on building mental toughness and executive functioning in students and building a reliable measure to evaluate it. Gilda’s passion lies in finding effective ways for individuals to become the architects of their own success and wellbeing. She has a special interest in enhancing evidence-based knowledge in school interventions.

Evidence-based strategies to implement SEL in the classroom

Evidence-based strategies to implement SEL in the classroom

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Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is not based on a prescribed curriculum; instead, it is an approach that reflects a set of teaching strategies and practices that are student-centred. The objective of SEL is to help students identify and understand their feelings, express and regulate their emotions, empathize and communicate with others, and build mental […]