Ty Foster

French Instructor - The Kid Spark Group

Ty Foster is a highly effective and experienced French language educator with over 20+ years of classroom experience who understands the need to provide our children with opportunities to learn from and engage with other cultures. Drawing from her experiences as a Director of Global Engagement, a World Languages Department Chair, an international educator, and a language specialist, Ty’s passion is building cultural intelligence and empathy in young students through the exploration of language. Ty founded The Kid Spark Group, LLC, to provide online personalized language lessons and cultural experiences to children ages 4-12 and to serve as a resource for parents and schools looking to encourage cultural competence in their children.

Take 1, Give Me 5

Take 1, Give Me 5

Main Hall

This simple classroom management technique brings structure to your lessons by maximizing student output and prioritizing student wellbeing. Students “take” one minute of rest and “give” five minutes of dedicated work. Add five minutes for each additional minute of rest. In a one-hour class, you’ll get 50 mins of output, and 4 mins of rest, […]